Instrumental Landing System PRMG-76UM

Ground equipment of PRMG-76UM instrumental landing system of decimetric range is intended to provide approach and landing for an aircraft, equipped with airborne navigation system RSBN-2S or its modifications, around-the-clock under ICAO CAT I-II requirements in manual, semiautomatic and automatic mode.
  • Principle of working area forming, output parameters stability are same or better than of PRMG-76U
  • The equipment is based on up-to-date microprocessor engineering, transmitting devices are solid-state
  • Total weight is reduced by 500 kg
  • Power supply is reduced by 2 times
  • Two air conditioners are added
  • Automatic switch to backup
  • Uninterrupted around-the-clock operation without continuous presence of technical personnel
  • Feature of prompt deinstallation of the equipment for placing in stationary room
  • PRMG-76UM is recommended to use at stationary airdrome in remote control mode made from control tower. It provides landing under ICAO CAT II conditions if transmitting antennas and check point masts are installed on the foundation.
  • Glide-path radio beacon (GP)
  • Localizer (LLZ)
  • DME repeater station (DR), collocated with LLZ in control room of distance-measuring localizer beacon (DME / LLZ)
  • Telecontrol & telesignalling equipment (TC-TS) placed in control tower
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* specifications are subjected to change without prior notice