Short-Range Navigation System RSBN-4NM


RSBN-4N ground radio beacon jointly with airborne equipment is intended for:
  • Continuous indication of aircraft or helicopter position for crew during flights
  • Aircraft automatic driving to prescribed point in the system operation area
  • Ground control of an aircraft working with the beacon

  • The basic navigation aid for air route, approach and landing of civil and defense aircraft and helicopters, equipped with airborne RSBN facilities
  • Accuracy is higher than other similar systems
  • Format of signals is not specified by ICAO, but principal specifications are met or exceeded
  • Operation regardless of visibility conditions
  • There are no analogues in Russia

  • Control room in shelter
  • Plan-position indicator repeater
  • Remote control & signaling unit (RC&S)
  • No need in voltage changer anymore
  • Power generating station (backup power supply)

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* specifications are subjected to change without prior notice