Instrumental Landing System (ILS) SP-90

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The instrumental landing systems SP-90 (two-channel, two-frequency, ICAO Category I, II, III) is intended for ensuring of an aircraft instrumental landing.

  • Two sets of equipment, power supply and accumulators in a single cabinet
  • Programmable digital shaping of modulated signals
  • Keyboard data input
  • Continuous tolerance check of radiated signals
  • Built-in test control
  • Remote control and setting of main parameters through telephone line by modem from PC located in any point of the world
  • Additional meteorological and ornithological protection of localizer antennas
  • Option of integration with the control system of navigational and landing complex ILS SP-90 / MB RMM-95 / VOR RMA-90 / DME RMD-90 / NDB RMP-200 is available
  • Localizer (LLZ)
  • Glide-path beacon (GP)
  • Remote control unit (RCU)
  • Two or three marker beacons or DME can be included in the system
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* specifications are subjected to change without prior notice