Distance Measuring Equipment (Landing) RMD-P-2010

Distance measuring landing radio beacon (DME) RMD-P-2010 is intended for measuring of distance from aircraft to runway threshold onboard during approach and landing.

  • the beacon is recommended by ICAO as a main aid of an aircraft approach and landing;
  • state-of-the-art engineering desing;
  • specifications     meet     ICAO     requirements, exceed by distance precision;
  • 100% backup on main equipment;
  • programmable  digital  shaping  of  modulated signals;
  • keyboard data input;
  • continuous  tolerance  check  of  radiated  signals;
  • built-in test control;
  • remote control and setting of main parameters through telephone line by modem from PC;
  • option of integration with the control system of navigational and landing complex ILS SP-2010 / MRK RMM-200 / VOR RMA-2010 / DME RMD-2010 / NDB RMP-200 / DME/P RMD-P-2010 is available in a single cabinet.

  • RMD-P-2010 cabinet; 
  • Remote control cabinet (option);
  • Programmable command complex; 
  • RMD-P-2010 antenna. .
Brief specifications in pdf format - download
* specifications are subjected to change without prior notice