L-Band Primary - Secondary Airdrome Surveillance Radar AORL-1AS

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The   primary-secondary   airdrome   surveillance   radar   AORL-1AS   is  intended  for  operation  in  airports  with  congested  traffic  or  average intensity of flights.

  • entire conformity with ICAO recommendations and international standards;
  • high reliability due to solid-state components in principal equipment and placement of facilities with antenna drive inside thermo-stable shelter;
  • continuous around-the-clock operation with maintaining of required equipment parameters;
  • transistors-based  design  of  primary  and  secondary channel transmitters;
  • up-to-date methods of information processing using processors and VLSI;
  • high resolution capability / high accuracy of coordinate determination;
  • detection of small-sized aircraft;
  • reduced costs for civil works;
  • low power consumption;
  • air cooling applied for all equipment;
  • efficient remote control and monitoring system (RC&M);
  • fast and easy elimination of most hardware failures with LRU replacement;
  • two simultaneously operated strengthened reduction gears of antenna rotation drives with increased reliability allow to dismantle and assemble motors during antenna rotation;
  • 100% units and parts down to LRU level in set of spares.

  • control    room,    equipment    room    (in    separate   containers);
  • antenna drive with slip ring and rotary joints;
  • antenna system on basement (only on top of container with operation room);
  • ATC site equipment set (remote controller’s desk, monitor transponder with antennas);
  • complete set of spares, accessories and operational manuals.
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* specifications are subjected to change without prior notice