Airdrome Surveillance Radar - AORL-1AS/AORL-1AM

Primary-secondary airdrome surveillance radars AORL-1AS/1AM featured with transistor-based transmitters are intended for operation in airports with average and small intensity of flights and as a part of automated ATC systems.


Short Range Navigation System (VOR) RMA-2010 / (DME) RMD-2010

VHF omni-directional range (VOR) RMA-2010 and distance measuring equipment (DME) RMD-2010 are designed for continuous indication of azimuth and range of an aircraft relatively radio beacon location.


Distance Measuring Equipment (Landing) RMD-P-2010

Distance measuring landing radio beacon (DME) RMD-P-2010 is intended for measuring of distance from aircraft to runway threshold onboard during approach and landing.


Instrumental Landing System SP-2010

The instrumental landing system SP-2010 (two-channel, two-frequency, ICAO Category I, II, III) is intended for ensuring of instrumental aircraft landing.